Spacewatch - A Solar System Explorer

By Kritrim Entertainment

Spacewatch - A Solar System ExplorerSpacewatch - A Solar System ExplorerSpacewatch - A Solar System ExplorerSpacewatch - A Solar System ExplorerSpacewatch - A Solar System Explorer

SpaceWatch is a space exploration ar app. You can discover and expertise the celestial objects with augmented actuality. We believe the app is succesful sufficient to offers you information regarding the next matters -


A galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars,interstellar gas, dust, dark matter and rather more. We have lined our galaxy named as milky way. Our Milky Way is a spiral-formed galaxy. We have also covered details about the various kinds of nebula's(area clouds). So now you possibly can examine how they appear to be and their other important particulars as nicely.

Solar System Planets

Gives you the complete concept to understand the orbit and order of all planets across the sun. How far or near they're.

Dwarf Planets

The purpose why we name few planets dwarf due to there small measurement which additionally lacking sure technical standards which might be required to be classed as an entire planet. There are currently five dwarf planets: Pluto, Eris, Makemake, Haumea, and Ceres.

Space Time

It is a ideas of time and three-dimensional space. It clears you about Black gap, White hole and Worm hole working. Please check out their 3d working model that explaining their purpose.

Near Earth Objects

NEOs are object of sizes ranging from metres to tens of kilometres that orbit the Sun and whose orbits come close to that of Earth's. So we've coated most important near earth objects like Asteriods, Meteriods, Comets, Meteor.

Constellations map

It is a bunch of stars that are thought-about to kind imaginary outlines or significant patterns on the celestial sphere, usually representing animals, mythological folks or gods. We have lined both northern and southern sky map. In which you can see the location of different constellations with their symbols.

Planet Moons

We have

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