Educational games for children, German


Educational games for children, GermanEducational games for children, GermanEducational games for children, GermanEducational games for children, GermanEducational games for children, German

Educational games for children (3-7 years).

The series of flash cards for young children offers hours of entertainment. The terms were chosen carefully and under the control of primary school teachers. The pictures contain beautiful photographs and everything is accompanied by a pleasant female voice. The first six lessons are free of charge.

The full version costs 4.99 euros .

Our latest learning game:

The speech therapy app for children: exercises and games for pronunciation

http: //www.pmq- software

Card sets:

1) The colors

2) The wild animals

3) The Music, musical instruments

4) The pets

5) The fruit

6) The forest animals

7) The numbers from 0 - 10

8) The activities

9) Sports / games and athletes

10) The school

eleven) The numbers eleven- 20

12) The numbers 10, 100, a thousand

13) The vegetables

14) The professions

15) The Vehicles

sixteen) The hospital

17) The shoes

18) The tools and garden tools

19) People and costumes

20) Skiing

21) The fruit 2

22) The vegetables 2

23) The flowers

24) Animals in Germany

25) The plants (wildflowers)

26) The forest ( The forest flowers)

27) The forest (The forest leaves)

28) The car

29) The sea

Includes a spoken word Memory and the view of all cards (an excellent game for children)

For our other programs search the Google Play Store for the company “PMQ SOFTWARE”.

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