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GPX Photo search GOLDGPX Photo search GOLDGPX Photo search GOLDGPX Photo search GOLDGPX Photo search GOLD

GPX photograph search is Android app to search for photos taken in journey from the photo that's saved in the sensible phone etc.

Since the search in the taking pictures time even if you don't have organize your photographs, have been recorded, is a Hassle


I do not help writing geotag of external SD card on Android 4.4 .

I suppose that there isn't any selection but to copy the recordsdata to inside storage and process them.


To use later, is required monitor log knowledge (GPX file) had been recorded leg of a journey.

This will make a transfer if you document GPS logger app.

In GPX photo search, use time of the observe log and time the picture was taken (Exif) to search out the photograph knowledge

※This is the model that accommodates the GOLD license of GPX photo search.

◆ How to use

Please send track log file (GPX) to GPX picture search.

How to ship

・Place the SD card the GPX file, the file manager software to send

・In Mountain trip logger, press and hold the information you wish to use the measurement results record screen, send in the type of share-GPX

Then, the search will begin the picture. View photographs from the SD card to find a smartphone, that are found.

Display mode is switched to tap the display screen, you possibly can flip off the button and discover extra information and get out.

If a photo does not appear that there should be a photo but if, it could be funny to set the folder that you wish to search for photographs.

From Menu, setting, please try to change the settings of the folder you wish to search.

▼ function (1) View photographs each time

I suppose the camera is useful and they accrued lots of pictures taken in varied places.

And accumulate lots, could be very well to arrange manually later.

However, it's all proper if and when the track log information was taken, and GPX photograph s

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