Contacts by Operator Morocco

By Toubkal Mob

Contacts by Operator MoroccoContacts by Operator MoroccoContacts by Operator MoroccoContacts by Operator Morocco

"Contacts by Operator Morocco" is an easy solution that allows you to manage your cellular package in an efficient and optimal way.

The objective of the software is to identify the operator of the number to call in an easy and fluid way, it displays your list of contacts with the operator's logo and gives you the possibility to send messages to your contacts and to call them also.

The utility includes the landline and mobile phone codes of the 4 Moroccan operators (Maroc Telecom - Orange - Inwi and Wana) and allows you to filter your contacts by operator.

The software also contains a search function to easily find your recipient and another function for quickly checking a telephone number whether Landline or Mobile.

* The software « Contacts by Morocco Operator »displays the operator of your contact without taking into account the portability of the number (change of operator by keeping the same phone number).

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