Chargie - the only hardware battery life saver

By Lighty Electronics

Charging your phone every evening to 100% and preserving the battery like this for 8 hours is likely one of the major culprits behind early battery failure. We're here to alter that.

Chargie is an app hardware cellphone charge limiting answer that makes your battery final for for much longer than if you had charged it regularly to a hundred% all evening, each night.

Here's how it works:

1. For the app to work, you should get your Chargie USB device from

2. Insert the gadget into your regular charger and the telephone cable into Chargie.

3. Install the app in your phone.

4. Set the cost proportion you need for the next day.

5. Go to sleep.

Chargie takes control of the power move following an algorithm that decreases battery temperature and voltage associated stress, throughout the 8 hours of nighttime charging.

This will dramatically enhance battery and phone lifespan because of the way lithium ion chemistry works.

With Chargie, your telephone not solely lasts for more years, however has additionally a a lot lower carbon footprint. Present-day smartphones are nonetheless a great fit even after three years, if their efficiency just isn't throttled by the OS because of poor battery well being.

Moreover, you can resell your previous cellphone for extra whenever you decide to vary it, as a result of it will be Chargie Certified, and this shall be a guarantee of the safety of its battery.

We have DHL delivery obtainable, so you can get your Chargie tomorrow should you reside in NY or anyplace within the EU. If not, transport takes 3 days at most, in any a part of the world, so that you can be up and running very quickly.

IMPORTANT: Chargie wants Location Access to scan for its units - we DO NOT use your actual location. It is needed for Bluetooth Low Energy scanning to work, as per Google's requirements. Chargie does not need web access.

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