Sengoku period of Hana and Takeshi


Sengoku period of Hana and TakeshiSengoku period of Hana and TakeshiSengoku period of Hana and TakeshiSengoku period of Hana and TakeshiSengoku period of Hana and Takeshi

With over a million downloads of the super-popular vertical-screen historical simulation RPG [Rise-Hana to Takeshi no Sengoku], create a turbulent turbulent world with the beautiful women who color the turbulent world and the brave warlords.


[History of everyone-Your story]

Time was the time when the warlords who left their names in the Sengoku period were active--

The authority of the Muromachi Shogunate declined Along with this, daimyo from all over the country were emerging.

In order to expand the territory, many battles were fought in various places, and many famous generals were produced from among them.

However, this work is not the famous person ...

It is the upstart success story of the hero who leads a mediocre everyday life.

[Vertical screen history simulation RPG]

The biggest feature is that the player becomes a powerful daimyo and can change the history itself while fighting with the legendary warlords. ing.

In addition to training servants with the aim of unifying the world, it also has functions for marrying beautiful historical women and raising children.

Also, a famous scene unique to the Warring States period. There are lots of elements to play with, such as events where you can experience the event, asset management that leads to promotion to the government, and GVG that bets the honor of the alliance.

In addition, there are many innovative systems for deepening friendship between players, such as holding trace-taking marriages and banquets.

・ You can easily play with one hand on the vertical screen

・ Legend All Sengoku warlords can be made into servants

・ By training servants, it is possible to further strengthen courage, wisdom, politics, and command.

・ You can meet beautiful women at various places and get married if you increase their intimacy.

・ It is also possible to make and raise children by loving them.

・ You can have a marriage with a tracer

・ Form an alliance with other players and fight with each other

・In addition, fight against players on other servers and climb to the top.

[Latest information]

Official Twitter will update information about the game from time to time. / p>

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