13 cards - Hi Lo, Nine, Thai card

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13 cards - Hi Lo, Nine, Thai card13 cards - Hi Lo, Nine, Thai card

One app, can play 7 games, play cards, Thai, Bounce, Kao Kae, Hi Lo, Gourd, Crab, Fish Chao Chao at the room of the temple

13 card games or three deck games English is known as 13 card Chinese poker. It is a very popular game. This is Southeast Asia's most fun and famous game. 13 cards can train your brain.Play 13 cards, the most important is to arrange the 13 cards in your hand as possible and fight with others. The higher the score, the more rewards you get.

The most fun online game in Google play Indonesia. Load a single app to play card games and bet on dice. Play anytime and anywhere. And able to make new friends all over Thailand around the world Compete for prizes with friends together. Hurry to download to play together. I want to play 3 games. Play nine cards for free, play this fun game, don't miss.

How to play thirteen cards.

The game uses 52 cards (except for two King) cards dealt to thirteen cards each

Take a total of 52 cards, A is the biggest, 2 is the smallest. It consists of 2 ~ 4 players and 13 cards are dealt to each player.Players must arrange the cards into the first 3 sets (3 cards), middle (5 cards), the latter (5 cards) within 1 minute when the cards are done. Click (OK) to show that the cards are ready to be compared. Note that all 3 sets of cards must be ordered in order of their value. The first set must be less than or equal to the middle set. The middle set must be less than or equal to the latter. (First Set ≦ Middle Set ≦ Back)

Highlights of 13 cards.

1. The 13 cards are Southeast Asia's most popular and most famous card game. It's easy and fun to play.

2. Download for free, no signup required. Free play every day.

3. Login to both Facebook and Traveler accounts. More convenient.

4. There are many rooms to choose from. Choose a room and bet as you like.

5. Additional free prizes are given unlimitedly, enjoy fun.

This game is for entertainment purposes only.

The game has Intended for an adult audience.

The game does not represent that the player can win real gambling with real money in real life.

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